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What is an ADU?

“Accessory Dwelling Units” or ADUs (also known as carriage houses, casitas, or granny flats) are secondary housing units located on a single-family residential lot. They are meant to be secondary or an “accessory” to the primary residence. 

Types of ADU’s


Above garage:

unit built above garage commonly referred to a carriage



Garage conversion:

Converted former garage space also called a garage apartment

Detached or Stand Alone:

free-standing structure, such as a backyard cottage or granny flat



Attached or Addition ADUs:

shares at least one wall with the primary residence






Interior conversion:

built from existing converted space (e.g., an attic or basement) commonly called basement apartments, mother-in-law suite, secondary suite


Internal ADU

Part of the primary house besides the basement is converted to an ADU

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